Skoda model year 2010

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Subject: SKODA model year 2010

1. My name is Eliyau Halai, 52 y/o, resident of the city Nahariya in northern Israel.

2. I would highly appreciate it if you would kindly take a minute of your time to hear my story.

3. During the year 2014 I bought a second handed SKODA model year 2010 (henceforth: ‘The Car’).

4. During 11/2015, my car broke down – only than I’ve found out that the car was previously recalled by SKODA due to a malfunction in gear’s censor of the car.

5. Unfortunately, the warranty of the car expired in 09/2015, hence the official SKODA garage charged me 7,500 ILS (approximately 1,750 USD) for the repair of the car.

6. With all the respect, I honestly think that payment for the repair of the car shouldn’t have been imposed on me since I hadn’t done anything wrong.

7. I would deeply appreciate it if you could get involved in this unfortunate event, so I could get my money back.

8. Thanks in advance for your concern.

Best Regards,
Eliyahu Halai

Skoda model year 2010
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