Solitaire Honda, Mumbai damaged the perfectly operating dashboard of my Honda Civic and charging for repair

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I would like to file a complaint against Solitaire Honda, Shakti Industrial & Commercial Business Centre, Dattapada Road, Rajendra Nagar, Mumbai.

I am the owner of a Honda Civic 1.8 VAT. Sections of the body of my car (front and rear bumpers, front right fender and rear left door) were damaged in an accident on 24th June. As my vehicle was covered under insurance, the vehicle was completely checked for a comprehensive list of damages for claim purpose, before it was handed over to Solitaire Honda for repair – the entire front, back and dashboard lighting systems, AC, CD player were found to be working fine. The person who had banged my car (staying in my building itself) agreed to pay the remaining cost after the insurance payment and was also present while the damages were inspected.

While taking the delivery on 19th July, all the body repairs done were found to be satisfactory and the balance payment (after deducting the amount covered under insurance) was made. A gate pass was also also issued (implying the car had also passed the Honda checklist which they check while giving delivery). Just before I was about to drive out with the vehicle after handing over the gate pass, it was observed that both the rear brake lights were not working. On further inspection, it was found out that the bulbs were taken out of the socket and one of the bulbs were missing (this was not the situation when i had given the vehicle for repair and both the rear lights were working fine). The service personnel (Mr. Nitesh was attending the call on Sunday, as Mr. Sujit – the actually assigned service person, was on leave that day) said the issue would be checked the next day, and i had to leave without my car.

Subsequently, the next day, it was informed to me that there was a short circuit that had happened in the rear light circuit (which had actually happened during the repairing), and the same was repaired.

I went to take the delivery again on 21st July (Tuesday) and checked the rear lights, which were working fine (the body work was already checked to be fine earlier). Just like a normal customer behaviour, I checked if the issues had been resolved & NOT whether every other element of the car which were working fine earlier were still working fine.

I took the delivery of the car at 4 pm. As i was riding home (a few kms away from Solitaire Honda), i observed that the dashboard lighting was flickering and the RPM & speedometers were behaving abnormally. I immediately took a video (at 4.18 pm) and shared the same with Mr. Sujit highlighting this problem – since i had given the car for bodywork, every other element of the car which were working fine when the car was given to Solitaire Honda were left unchecked while taking delivery (usually during delivery, a customer checks if the issue has been resolved and NOT whether everything that was working fine before is still working fine). There was no response received from Mr. Sujit that day.

Subsequently, i got the vehicle to Solitaire the same weekend (26th July). After checking the vehicle, the service person (now Mr. Rohan) said the cluster dashboard had failed and i have to replace the same at a cost of Rs. 11000). When I approached Mr. Sujit (and his supervisor Mr. Shamin) on fact that since the dashboard was working fine when i had handed over the car to Solitaire Honda and was damaged when the car was handed back to me and that they should be replacing the same free of cost, the service persons refused to acknowledge the complaint saying the same can happen anytime and thus the service center is not responsible for the damage. In Mr. Sujit’s own words, “we cannot be held responsible for each and every part failure happening at our workshop”

I would like to lodge a complaint against Solitaire Honda demanding full repair of the dashboard at their own cost, for the below failures:
1. Damaging perfectly working instruments during the repair work done (firstly rear brake lights and then the dashboard), not appraising the customer of the new damages done during the repair and giving the delivery of the car (after passing their “checklist”)
2. Shunning off the responsibility from any damages happening in the workshop and trying to pass it on to the owner. As per the exact words from Mr. Sujit, “we cannot be held responsible for each and every part failure happening at our workshop”. I would like to have an explanation regarding what makes the customer responsible for such damages happening at authorised Honda workshops after the responsibility of the car has been handed over to them.

Solitaire Honda, Mumbai damaged the perfectly operating dashboard of my Honda Civic and charging for repair
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