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Dear Sir/Mam,

please check this mail in my mail id for prize 16 british pounds this realy & true

We are glad to inform you that your funds will be transferred to your account through the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI). This is to inform you that Processing Manager (Dr. Osbourne White) has been assigned to visit your country (INDIA) and co-ordinate with the RBI to get your winning funds transferred successfully to your account. The Processing Manager will arrive (Indira Gandhi International Airport) in New Delhi tomorrow morning and will proceed to the RBI to co-ordinate with them to get your funds transferred to your nominated account. All these details has being sent to the RBI and they will also get in touch with you directly immediately the Processing Manager summit your file.

Also to inform you that the RBI has asked you to pay for the Administration Fee of Rupees 24,950 INR. This Administration Fee comprises of Registration Fee Rupees 10,500, Foreign Exchange Stamp Duty 8,500 and Clearance Fee Rupees 5,950 INR. So the total is Rupees 24,950 INR. To avoid any delay, we advise that you keep Rupees 24,950 INR ready and send scan copy of your PHOTO ID, One Passport Size Photograph and Your Bank Account Information to the Processing Manager on his e-mail id (processingmanager_ before the Processing Manager arrives India morning, to enable him fulfill the normal procedures of the RBI. You are to pay the RBI charges to them as per instructed by RBI. Immediately the Processing Manager arrives India he will contact you and proceed to the RBI. Attached to this mail is Dr. Osbourne White ID Proof Copy.

Note: The Processing Manager can only proceed to your given residence address after the full and final transfer from the RBI along with all the Vital documents to be given to you. We advise you keep your Reference Number NPDC- 098154. Batch Number NUK QY-3LJ4. Ticket Number 64-MXEW. Serial Number 182 Secret and Confidential until our Processing Officer arrives your door step for a maximum security of our agent and yourself.

Please note that the RBI will demand for the list charges below:
Registration Fees : 10,500 INR
Foreign Exchange Stamp Duty : 8,500 INR
Clearance Fee : 5,950 INR

Flight No






London,England,UK (LHR-Heathrow)

07.35 PM



According to the flight information booked by this company, the flight will arrive in New Delhi from where our Processing Manager will contact you first then head towards RBI to co-ordinate the transfer of your funds. Also attached to this mail is the copy of the Passport of Dr. Osbourne White for you to recognize him.
If you have any Comment or Questions, call our Customer Care Department on: +447014221290, +447017046182, +447017046183 for more clarification. Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon.

some details emerngcy
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