Sony Mobile Under Warranty is not being repaired by the Service Centre

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I purchased a Sony mobile on November 6th, 2014. After using it only for eight months I suddenly realized I made a wrong decision to buy a Sony product. Sony’s servicing centre (Ultracare) in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India is not good. They void warranty period for silly reasons and asked for money to repair mobile phone which are under warranty. I am one of those victims. It is not only the matter of harassing Sony customers but they are endangering the image and reputation of Sony Company as well.

I left my mobile (Sony Experia E-3, D2212, Dual Sim) which is under warranty for repairing at Ultra Care (Sony Authorized Service Centre) at Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India on July 11th, 2015. I was facing some microphone related problem in the mobile as I was not audible at the other end whereas I can listen the other end properly. Rests of the functions of the mobile were working fine.

I got a call from the service centre on July 13th saying that your warranty is voided as they found water-insertion in the mobile. Replacement of motherboard is required and you have to pay around Rs. 6000 for that. I am shocked to hear this as my mobile never came into contact of water. I have been using the mobile very carefully and always prevented it from dust and water. I have been using the mobile with a flap-cover right from the day one. Therefore, it is too hard to believe for me what the Service Centre is saying. They denied to repair it under warranty and asked me to pay around Rs.6000 to get it repaired.

After receiving Service Centre’s call I read warranty instructions thoroughly provided to me with the mobile set at the time of purchase. It is nowhere mentioned that water-insertion will lead to violation of warranty. I showed all the instructions and brochures to the service centre. They even could not find it written in the warranty instruction. I just could not understand how warranty is voided. The Service Centre must repair my mobile free of cost.

I took the contact number of Chhattisgarh Head of Sony Company Mr. Pankaj Rane from the Service Centre and shared him what the Service Centre is saying. He promised me to look into the matter and call me back. After two days, I rang him again. Then he told me he can do nothing. One more interesting thing!!! The Service Centre says that water inserted into the mobile through earphone socket while Mr. Pankaj Rane says it inserted via battery charging point. I don’t know who is saying the truth.

My mobile is still at the Service Centre for a week now. I work at the Department of Public Relations, Government of Chhattisgarh in India. You can imagine how badly a PR person needs a mobile today. My work has been suffering a lot. I am repentant why I bought a Sony mobile where I can’t get proper mobile servicing even under warranty period.

I request you to look into the matter. Kindly do the needful so that I can get repaired my mobile as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please provide me a standby mobile, so that I could restart my work. My work has been affected very badly.

Details about my mobile and its service job sheet is as follows –
Job No. – W115071102108, Date 11 July 2015
IMEI No. – 355289065968885/355289065968893
SL. No. – 1287-7314
Purchase Date – 6th November 2014
Contact No. – 8827396680
Email –

Sony Mobile Under Warranty is not being repaired by the Service Centre
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