spoiled food at bigbazzar

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hai,this is dhanapal from chennai.i recently bought a 5 packs of lion dates from bigbazaar,chennai,Phoenix market city.Out of five i had 1 pocket and when am opening the second one am shocked to see that the dates are spoiled and i saw a small worm like insect which normally found in spoiled food.immediately i rushed into the store and informed about this but there is no proper response from the store,the store persons are casually saying that we will replace with another one.Is this a proper response from them?????

The lion dates manufacturing date is 9th Nov2015 and expiry duration is 4months from the date of manufacturing,and i purchased on 24thfeb2016.i have the bill and remaining 3packs out of five unopened.Bill number till:5, tr no:90987
please consider this and take necessary action and i have remaining 3packs unopened so anytime people from food department can come inspect those products within expiry date.i dont want someone like me to be affected by this.


spoiled food at bigbazzar
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  1. Priya

    Dear Mr.Dhanpal,
    Greetings from Future Group, this is Priya.
    We regret the inconvenience caused. Please be informed that we have taken a note of this issue and we will do the needful to resolve the same at the earliest. Kindly note your reference code-2750 for further communication at priya@futuregroup.in
    Team Big Bazaar
    Future Group


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