Star CJ online shopping send damage product now deny to refund

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i have placed an order for 1 pieee for Maharaja juicer-Mixture-Grinder Real JX-207 on 08/o7/14 to Star CJ,they booked order & said i will get the product within 1 0r 2 working day.But i received that product on 19/07/14 in damage condition.i compalin same day to return my payment of Rs.2595/- which i had paid at the time of delivery. The Star CJ’s customer care executive advisd to replace it & when we receive again (re placement) at that time we should not open the box & that time i should send request to give refund & i will get refund.So same as per instruction of customer care executive.when we recieved the product by replacement on date:21/-7/14,again i talk to customer care & i advised to return the replace product and instructed to keep old damage product and they(star CJ) will refund me.then when i asked Star CJ customer care executive & senoirs to send refund,they denied and told that they will not refund as i had replaced it.i am suprised,when i get damage product taht time i asked for refund but their customer care excutive misguide me so that i can not ger refund.Till date the damage prouct is lying in my home since 20 daya.I request you to help me to get refund from Star CJ.

Star CJ online shopping send damage product now deny to refund
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    my order plese repayement me order no 20150702053471 my booking Address my chequ or dd ok thnking you


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