Stolen house belongings ad Charged Excess money for shifting my house goods item

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I have booked my house holds items to shift Bangalore to Delhi i have paid 14thousand rupee at spot on the sport and rest supposed to pay 3500/INR in Delhi once received as per agreement and receipt i was ready to pay the same 3500 INR .
Once my house holds things reached delhi they start calling and abusing me belongings are more need to pay extra money otherwise we wont pay ur belongings finally i was ready to pay to 1000 INR but again they were asking to pay more 7 thousand i refused to pay then they have taken my belongings and they told me go there at Godown SKCC the person nam eis Mallik i have to pay the full amount and make own arrangement to take your things and go.
Unfortunately i did the same thing i paid all extra money and they did not given receipt as well and they said pls pay the extra amount to ship ur all belongings so i paid the 4 thousand extra and came back then they delivered my item in my house.
Thought everything is ok now i have two kids how can i survive here without all the belongings and even my Baby was suppose to attend the school as well.
Once i my wife started searchig belongings the got to surprize that it is missing so thougt that it might be in some other Cartoon Box but after a month realize that searced all the Cartoon boxex did not get our missing items and even all the VIP Briefcase lock was opened and Tape was removed and repacked the realize that all my Baby valuable Toys, 4 bunch of New I pod new sarees was missed it seems.

Stolen house belongings ad Charged Excess money for shifting my house goods item
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