street dogs bitting incidents

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i am residence of harmilap nagar ph 1, baltana, zirakpur. there are large no. of street dogs in our locality which bittes childrens /people as there is school namely florence convent school in our street. and many incidencts have been occured in our locality i.e alley comprising’s 33o-343.. i request u to instuct the concern corner to take away the steet dogs.

street dogs bitting incidents
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  1. saurabh_10

    Dear sir , This is to inform you that my address is #150 , Jarnail Enclave, Bhabhat Road , Near big bazaar, Zirakpur.

    There are 10-12 dogs in our area. Childrens are afraid of them because they always bite them and run after them.Children can’t play outside.

    It makes more problem to the tress passers.. they are not able to walk in street…ladies and children’s were wounded by the street dogs often…expecting immediate action please..

    This is my humble request to you that try to take some action regarding this matter and Please send dog catchers in our locality so that we can live safely.

    Thanks and Regards


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