Structure change & increased FAR

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Good Afternoon,

I am reaching out to you directly to share my concern & to seek your support in getting things right.

My parents (Father 73 years & Mother 65 years) bought a house in Noida (Sunworld Arista) by using their life long savings with Sunworld Residency Pvt. Ltd, Sec-168 Noida. Like most of the customers we also did a pre check before going ahead with the booking. The problems begin when we went to check the structure after a year or so. The builder had changed the layout of the apartment without informing us or other customers. This change has left 2 of the bathrooms & Kitchen utility area completely unusable. Further on, builder went ahead & got FAR increased & is adding extra floors in the existing towers which was again not informed either by the Noida Authority or by the builder.

We immediately logged a formal complaint with the builder after understanding their intent in Feb 2015.
The challenge is that the builder since then has not provided any resolution & is using the delaying tactics to harass us indirectly. They want to drag it closer to the possession data so that we are forced to compromise & accept whatever we have.

I did use all the formal mechanisms to escalate the matter with the builder as well as with CREDAI. However, this has not been helpful yet. Taking a legal course is an option available which would take its due course of time & will sure delay the possession of the property which is expected in Dec 2016.

After our initial discussions with the builder we went ahead & requested builder to either change the structure to what was promised or else upgrade our apartment to the next available size within the same cost as the change made by builder was neither informed or approved by the customer.

I would like to request your intervention to help us get to a solution. This is a prayer from a son who wants to ease out things for his parents.

Ashish Chopra

Structure change & increased FAR
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