Subject: Country Vacations Ltd (CCIL) Aliyas ‘Country Club’ committed breach of trust and cheating to hundreds of its members:

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Subject: Country Vacations Ltd (CCIL) Aliyas ‘Country Club’ committed breach of trust and cheating to hundreds of its members:

The Consumer Forum,

Respected Sir,

The details of this fraud company is mentioned below for your quik action and for caution.

I the undersigned, Mr. Shibu K George, President-Bhandup Division Mumbai of an N G O, namely Mahiti Seva Samiti/ MASS INDIA hereby taking this initiative to highlight the kind of fraudulent business initiated by a Company name Country Vacations, A division of Country Club India Ltd with its head office at Hyderabad and branch offices all around India and abroad.

I am very much surprised to see that these guys are running their fraud business in India since very long but so far there is no action taken against them. There are thousands of people who lost their money here but due to some or other they lost their faith in the system and kept a perception in their minds that their money is gone forever. I am very hopeful that our efforts will make a difference and change this perception. Please find below the real facts of their fraudulent business strategy.

1. The company has their representatives at different malls or other public areas distributing the coupons for lucky draw. These representatives will only ask to fill in details and won’t introduce the company name. Here all that they need is name and contact details so they can get back to you. After 2-3 days, they will call the customer stating you have won the lucky draw and you need to come to their office with spouse at their office or wherever they say.. If anybody go there with spouse and then they force to attend their presentation which is more than an hour long. When the couple reaches there, their representatives will be ready to attend the customer with warm Welcome. They will warn even threaten to not to leave the presentation half way and all the couples are told to switch off the cell phones?

2. That in the presentation room, which is very small, they play a very loud music to disturb the couples mentally (Because they forced to sit there for long duration and bear them along with the loud music.). After taking the basic details of the couples arrived and their representative will start with very friendly tone and will extract most of the information about the couples and their family background, financial status etc. Thereafter they offer a package depending upon the size of your pocket and they explain all good things about their company and say that after paying this amount for membership from Rupees 75000 to 300000/- everything is free?. They explain a list of benefits which are offered free of cost.

3. Next, they force to pay the amount quoted at the same point in time. There is no time given to rethink or for a market research. They discuss their tie up with various banks and will offer some discount. Until the payment, no agreement is showed and they will keep saying that everything discussed will be mentioned in the agreement and force to sign on blank agreement? In many cases at their office the agents, look like goons, taking the credit card or debit card by force from the proposed members and swap it for taking money?

4. The cheating conspiracy begins after the purchase of membership that a lot of information missing or differently mentioned/not mentioned than the promised. The usual offers they are granting at the time of membership are as follows. If any young police officer with his wife in disguise approach this club for joining for Country Club membership, their entire cheating story can easily be unearthed.

Credit card payment discount and its conversion into 18 EMI’s without any processing fee and interest.
Free SPA services.
Lifetime free club membership without annual charges or taxes.
Stay at their club facilities is free.
Members can use any of their 95+ owned facilities with no additional charges for stay.
We have facilities available worldwide.
Every weekend, we organize programs like Disco night, Gazal night etc.
Free cab pickup from airport/Train station to the hotel and free car drop from the hotel to the airport and railway station.
Up to 40% discount on Air Fare.

5. On the other end, the facts about their above products and services are totally different. Please find the below mentioned contradictory facts written in the agreement or not mentioned anywhere.

No discount received. EMIs were also charged with 15% rate of interest. Actually there is no tie up with HDFC, SBI bank or any othe Bank.
When inquired about SPA services at their customer care center, they mentioned charges will apply?
Annual Maintenance charges INR 8500 excluding taxes applies and must be paid to avail club benefits?
For stay at any country club resorts, when inquired over the phone, they said the charges as 3000 per night?
As per the agreement, they have over 59 leased and/or own properties however, as per the latest list shared by their executive says only 44 (including international locations) facilities. Moreover, it is not for free and charges to be paid per night basis.
Outside India, they have their facilities only at Sri Lanka and Dubai however, at the time of purchase, Philippines, Malaysia, Paris, UK and US were also mentioned.
The program schedule is not fixed and there are frequent cancellations. On their mobile app, they update the schedule of programs but when inquired over the phone they mentioned it is cancelled and being postponed since 2 weeks?
Charge for the cab service is to be paid separately?
No discount for Air fare offered?

6. They just extract the money ranging from Rupees 75000/- to 300000/- and they never fulfill any of the services they offered at the time granting membership? Thus thousands of people have been cheated. I saw many people have raised their issues to the consumer court and fought against these cheaters.


1. MR.NIMESH 07795475571
2. MS.ARPIT BHATNAGAR 09740722499
3. MR.ARUNKUMAR 09845563686
4. MR.SHAIKH BAVAJI 09550328786
5. MR.SHAIKH SHAHEEN 08015571737
6. MRS.PRIYA 09945842127
7. MR.SHAILESH SONI 09881721922
8. MR.NAINA PASSI 09971436124
9. MR.VIKRAM SINGH 07893999330
10.MR. SAI PRATAP 09966001454
11.MR. SIVA RAMAKRISH 09963666314
12.MRS. ANKIT 09911566092
13.MR. SANJU 08800630099
14.MR.PADMANA 07095836581
15.MR. H.S.RANDHWA 07030389888
16. MR.DURGESH SHAH 09711203424
17. MR.GAURAV AGGARWAL 08800112495
18. MR.AJAY TIWARI 09665985068
19. MR.HEMANT 09390054222
20. MRS. DEEPALI 09860657329
21. mRS. MANSI 08000402040
22. MRS. MEGHA 08446005984

23. Mrs. UMADEVI K.S/MR.SREEKANTH E G..09497314104

7. The members were never informed that there will be an agreement to be signed or the terms & conditions of the agreement before making the payment and payment was done prior to the signing of the agreement? Most importantly agreement was also made to be signed before receiving the verification call from the bank. Clause of non-refundable of membership was never informed to any proposed members?
8. When the members asked about the discrepancies in the agreement with respect to the promises made by representatives, they said that they will be receiving a separate copy where in the facilities, other details will be indicated. But this has not happened?

9. The Country Club Officers say that as per their clauses, the representative is authorized by CCIL to make false promises in the name of CCIL before signing the agreement? But once the proposed members signed on the agreement and when ask for promised services, the Higher Authorities of Country Club says that the promises of their representatives are not to be considered by their seniors? Then how can be the agreement signed by the representative is treated to be valid?

10. Many members have been sending email for cancellation of membership and refund but they didn’t respond to the quests or they say that “the members cannot ask for refund as they have been signed the agreement that the membership fees are not refundable? When a few of such members continuously asked and followed up for refund, they paid back the membership fees? This activity itself showing their illegal activities that they are not stick to their rules and regulations and their agreement itself is one sided just to extract money from middle class people? Even the police station is very much aware of such fraud running by Country Vacations? When those cheated members demanded refund of cash against the cancellation of membership or else filing criminal case they are least bothered but we as ngo MASS is bound to expose them and banks who are supporting them will also be exposed.

11. Finally, I would say that this is a real bad business and a lot of common people are being targeted daily and corers of Rupees are collecting from each city of India and Abroad by this Country Vacations and Country Club? I am sure that these conspirators may have some good contacts in politics and using the power of their position. But I am expecting natural justice for those affected common people from the Maharashtra/Andhra Home Minister and Police Commissioner, a thorough investigation is expected in this regard. I am sure that in all India level this will be the next big scam after Mr. Harshad Metha or Milind Parekh?

Here I say that if the police administration is not taking inquiry and action on this complaint, we MAHITI SEVA SAMITI/MASS INDIA, for the Rights of the people, will come on the road to protest against the illegal activities of Country Club and against its political supporters.

I hope Consumer forum will truly investigate in a fair n proper manner and give justice to victims and those going to be trapped technically and expose such companies to limelight.

With regards,

Shibu K George

President-Bhandup-Mumbai, All India Mahiti Seva Samiti/ MASS INDIA

Cc for action to be taken

cc: Mr.SureshMenchirel-All India President, Mahiti Seva Samiti, Aurangabad..EMAIL.ID…,
cc: Times of India

Subject: Country Vacations Ltd (CCIL) Aliyas ‘Country Club’ committed breach of trust and cheating to hundreds of its members:
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  1. Jagjeet singh

    there is another clubmahindera, mussorrie, duped me 48000 inr. and fled away and this one cheated me 75000 inr promising that my 48000 will be added to sum up a membership of 123000 inr. to avail. How can i get rid of this and recover my money? Plz advise, sir.


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