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Dear Sir;
My name is Konstain Bernord Alben . I have booked a Classic 350 Maroon on 10/10/2015.
Booking Order # BKNG 4190151600708
Booking Reciept # BRCT 4190151600708
The promise of delivery was around 10/01/2016 exactly after 3 months.
But when we enquired about it at the time the response was negative they informed that the consignment was not arrived.But we can provide you Chest Nut Instead of Maroon after 2-3 weeks.We agreed for that.Then we contacted them at the updated promised time that is end of January 2015 ,same story appeared again with a little bit of story that is there is some problem with the consignment from the company, it takes 2 more weeks for the delivery.Then we have contacted at the third promised date then the reply was your bike gas arrived. Please pay the amount & delivery with in one day.Then we have hand over the money to the Chandra motors and collected the receipt voucher on 14/03/2016.
Reciept Voucher #10978/
Next day we have approached Chandra motors their reply was there is a problem with your vehicle which has not arrived in the consignment which came. We will deliver it on next Saturday that is 19/03/2016.we have gone to take the delivery on Saturday the reply was even bizarre
there is always problem only with your vehicle and We can deliver it on 22/03/2016 Tuesday in fact today.Today morning my brother have gone their to collect the vehicle, the reply was your consignment is gonna come on 29/03/2016.
I am a person who working as a technitian abroad, one of my friend was suggesting to go for
Royal Endfeild Bullet.I was planning it for me to use in my vacation. My vacation starts on
23/03/2016.That meants i am coming to India for my vacation tomorow.

Now i have to double check my decision to gofor Bullet or any other bike because of the lack of days(vacation).
Royal Endfeild is loosing its credibility & exclusiveness & the brand name because of such Sub standard agency who doesnt know basic customer care &customer satisfaction.

The documents which i have collected from the Chandra Motors are attached.
please find the attachments for your kind info.

I hope you can help me to sort out the issue as soon as possible.

Konstain Bernord Alben

00966 53 5745 777

Saudi Arabia

India Contacts

Ramesh Francis

0091 9443 5585 76

substandard dealing
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