suggestion for normal monsoon to occur

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Respected Mr.. Modi Since i am one of your greatest fan & working as chef in taj mahal hotel new delhi for the past 27 years( on executive position) would like to give you suggestion for normal monsoon to occur.There are certain vareites of trees which when planted at different direction at some appropriate day & time along with reciting different ved mantra can bring normal monsoon.( This is already mentioned in our holy ved shasthra. I hope this suggestion will bring name & fame to you & to your government

suggestion for normal monsoon to occur
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  1. Prafulla Kumar Padhi

    Complain:-Slow process /work stopped of all NGBRA projects in Bihar.
    Dear Sir,
    Most of the NGBRA projects in Bihar are either stopped or dead slow ( in 4 years)due to lack of coordination and inexperience by Bihar .Kindly intervene in the matter directly involving central IAS officers.As I am from odisha and working in Bihar,unable to speak the ground reality openly.
    These projects are related to Namo Ganga and 100% funded by central govt/world bank.It needs system change,dedicated staff involvement,responsibility,accountability,reshuffle of team and removable of negative thinking people.
    I hope it will be achieved by your magic plan only.
    Prafulla Kumar Padhi,



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