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Revered Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi JI
Namaste. Sir the online Tatkal Reservations are a farce. I had to book a ticket from Bangalore to Hyderabad.The available seats under 3 AC Tatkal Quota displayed online shows above 100 and within seconds it becomes waiting list. But the same tickets are available under Premium Tatkal Quota and when we attempt to book the fare displayed is around Rs1100/-but when the booking is over it becomes Rs 3500/-. If the actual amount to be paid is displayed then common people like me will think twice before booking. It is unnecessary expenditure on the part of the consumer.Why is it that there are three fold time hidden charges. And more so Premium Tatkal booking Tickets are non refundable. Surely there is some mischief on the part of Railway authorities. Even if we travel in ordinary sleeper ticket the fare is around Rs 350/-.
Sir kindly look into this serious matter related to Railways and ensure that this type of unwanted expenditure doesn’t pick the pockets of an ordinary middle class individual.
Most important is that the network connection goes slag everyday with IRCTC link only. Even AIRTEL 4 G connection too, leave alone BSNL. Some fraudulent activity is taking place. Sir I beg you Kindly sort this issue at the earliest and ensure corrupt free services from Railways. I am confident that Modi Sarkar will surely put an end to all this mischief.
Sincerely yours

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