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Respected Sir,
First of all I want to pay you attention for Engilsh Medium School for Deaf Children in Delhi. I found one school i.e balwant ray Mehta GK-2, but there study is mix mainly in hindi medium.
My Son who is deaf and dumm has passed 10th School from same school but in Normal Section with normal student classes. . Since class 7th he was studying with normal students and passed exam.
This year he has passed Delhi Polytechnic and taken admission in Govt college.
Here I want to pay your attention if possible, All Handicapped children mainly deaf and blind should admit in one college where Govt can support teachers to support those children who want to make their career and live life independent.
Sir I am having lots of hope that you will definitely consider these basic needs for children who all are looking you.
I need your favour that if rules and regulation permits,I am looking forward my son admission nearby my residence . This collegl is 3 hrs(By bus and 2 hrs by 3 metro change) distance from Noida . Nearest college is Shakarpur from noida. In this senario he will spent min 5 hrs in travelling and will not get time for study. There is no hostel facility in college.
I am sorry if I have requested any thing unusual which I should not write.

Appreciate your cooperation and consideration.

Pankaj Srivastava

Teachers Support for handicapped student
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