Technical Fault in Mobilio

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Hello Honda Team ,

We would like to register a compliant for Honda Mobilio . We purchased this car a month ago & were enjoying an ultimate experience till y’day. It was raining heavily in our area Puran Wari , Malviya Nagar , Jaipur & roads were filled with water. I need to go to railway station to pick my cousin & as were going through road (which was filled with water foot long) our car stopped . We could clearly see that engine sign was blinking on meter & after calling Honda service center were advised to get car in service Centre. Now comes the hard part , a month old Brand New Car with company fittings got engine failure as water flooded in it & repair would cost 60000-200000.

Pardon my ignorance but I was wondering how can water do to such a severe damage to car engine ? Is there some design flaw in Honda ? My curiousness lead me to check online reviews & can see lot many complaints about it . We went to Honda Showroom “Pink City Honda” & can see 5-6 people with same problem .

Technical Fault in Mobilio
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