Terrible service from YOU Broadband

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This is HItendra T Jain from Bangalore . I had taken a broadband connection from YOU Broadband . I was promised that the connection would be completed within a week . As the current status , i have made full advance online payment for such and the company hasn’t so far taken any initiative to do so . It has been 1 month untill now . I had applied on the 9th May 2015 . I have also raised about 4-5 complaints with the company itself , but they don’t seem to do anything about it .In such situation ,i also requested the company to refund back my amount paid , but the company isn’t doing that too .The technician that i was contacting until now as a representative of the company for such is with the name Lakshmikanth , whose contact number is :9886060448 . I would be grateful to you fringing out any progress and helping us out of such a situation .

Terrible service from YOU Broadband
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