they cheat me they not giving my 2 month salary

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This is md mobasshir ahmad ,currently in banglore ,actually my company cheated me ,they not release salary from last two month ,
actually this company is delhi based ayurvedic company name is MIRIK HEALTH FOOD PVT LTD,,,, this is a fmcg company ,three month before i got call from the company that they are looking for area manager in bangloe i got chance it then they call me to come delhi for 2 days training ,i went to delhi with my expense ,but there was no any training only they talk with me formaly and director of this company mr tiwari tak with me then after they confirm my appointment as area manager banglore ,in appointment latter there is written that i have to report banglore head office ,but when i reached banglore then i come to know that there is no any office i have to work with home ,i have to make cnfa ,and suprtstockiest and disde tributer but they not provide any documents ,i have to meeting with 4 person every day otherwise they count as absent ,and i have to sent online report on websit ,
after one month when i want my salary they told it will come next month i was waiting for that i have sent the so many client ,but suddenly my online reporting login id closed when i asked for that they told any technicalproblem is happening u send ur report as mail ,i was sent all report on mail ,,, …. is mail id ,,,,,again when after the 2 month when i want my salary then they told that they will not release my salary they blocked my number,,,,,,

AGM of this mirik whonme i have to report the name is mr sharad bhatiya ,,09599054462,,he blocked my number and he told me that they will not release my salary go and do what ever you want,
these are websites
Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd.,
105, New Delhi House,
27, Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place,
New Delhi – 110001.
Phone – 011-23327861/2/3/4/5/6
011-23325549, 23325558
Fax- 011-23356901
address of the company

when i search in website then i come to know that they cheated so many innocent person like that

i am requesting please help me and give them punnish this type of company

md mobasshir ahmad

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they cheat me they not giving my 2 month salary
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