To Block Facebook ID

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Hi Team,
This is Duke from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
On behalf of my sister I requesting this complaint.

Strong Reason: The concern ID’s has been sending personal unwanted pictures, messages, about her and his husband, father, mother to all his face book contact after she got married.
1.Her Person marriage life
2.This could be giving more personal mental torcher for whole family member.
3. This is strong reason for resign his current working job.
For the above strong reason I request you to block these Face book ids with out any further more clarification. Concern Person original name : Gowri Shanakar

Concern person Face book id- Rocky Raj
Mobile number – 9962324127
Problem Facing Face book id- Sri Aruna Devi
Mobile Number : 9524822341

My contact
Sr.System Administrator.
Office no. 604, 6th Floor, Chall Mall,
11 & 11a, Sir thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017

To Block Facebook ID
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