To honourable pm of india

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respected pmo modi ji i am also one of the greatest fan of urs . u are still working good to make india clean and brighter but still there is not proper managment for dustbin has done at at some places ( cities ,towns) i am from indore .Here members of nagarpalika and adhyakhs whatewer who are not working properly
My shop is at MTH compound 10 there is no dustbin to throw our dust . we keep our dust for 8-10 days in our dustbin that nagarpalikas van will come but we are oblique (majbur) to put that dust out side near a closed shop
when vehicles are not parked in parking zone that time all come on time to pick up bikes , cars etc
when some one has kept cooler machines , table or any other shop.material outside that time nagarpalikas van come on time
but to collect dust there is no van no any dustbin
Than how we can make our india clean india
i hope that u will notice my.msg ( modi ji ) and work on it quikcly
i am student of 12 new in indore

To honourable pm of india
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