Tommy Watch Metal Strap Poor Quality

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hd purchased Tommy watch description NTH1710283/D ON 29-07-2012 from the World Of Titan, CG Road, Ahmedabad Branch MRP 6995.00. Within 1 year with very delicate use the metal strap got broken. The watch submitted with the service centre at the same branch & they advised Rs. 3200.00 as replacement cost for the strap as strap do not come under any warrantee. I agreed to get the sam at the same cost but when the strap i checked it was again of same nature. One side where it connects with the watch was very hard & was supposed to be broken, .They advised that the same will be ok after use but can not stand aby guarantee. On request they again sent it to company but returned with same strap. On asking they simply advised that they can supply only this strap. I have lodged a complaint bearing sl. no. 631498 on 16th August again reminded on 25th Aug & on 02nd Sept but thill now any intimation is awaited. On 3ed dial they told me that representative called me but could not contact as they got the phone no replied. I advised them to mail me the communication but thesame is still awaited. If such typr of quality & service is provided to customers then who will prefer International brands . – Kishor Mundhra, Ahmedabad

Tommy Watch Metal Strap Poor Quality
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