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Dear Sir,

I was purchased One mobile set from Reliance Degital with invoice no. 6317011000711072015 with in couple of day I am getting suffered with services provide by Micromax , while I was visited at service center namely SUPPORT MEDIA, 108/110, B. T. Road, opposite ISI main gate, Kolkata -700108 on 22/23 of July’15 to fix up the problem of my new set covered under guarantee period but they charge extra i.e. because the battery get toned during operation, any how I was agree to pay the cost of new battery and asked him to replace with a new one. It almost 21 days past but regret to inform that still I didn’t know the where about of my new mobile set which was deposited at Micromax service center.

Please find the details about my Mobile which is under service :-

Micromax Juice2
Model No. AQ5001
EAN : 8904132426832
IMEI No: 911417756278002
Date of Purchase : 11.07.2015 from Reliance Retail Limited (Digital Express)

Your service center cash memo no.4568

Job ID : 0715-18109249

Please lend me your helping hand resolve the necessary issue at the earliest.

Conclusion : My point of view is here who is liable to provide the customer service.

1. Who Sell the Phone ? (Retail Store)
2. Who Manufacturer the Phone ? (Micromax)
3. Service Center ? (Third Party Service Provider)

Here in this case all three are benefited because they didn’t loss anything.

Here we (purchaser) getting effected while we spent lots of money to get best service but how ?

My point of view is here Micromax manufacturer the mobile set to sell in the retail Market but at the same time they didn’t manufacturer spare for that set.

Warning !! Those who plan to use Micromax check spare available in market then only go for purchase otherwise they will suffered like me

Please help me to get relief from this trap.

Sujay K Nag


Sujay Kumar Nag

Too Bad Service/ marketing policy
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