Transaction on the name of redeemable points

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I received a call on 15th April 2016 saying that your SBI credit card has 4400 redeemable points and that we are extending benefits to the tune of Rs 8800 i e Rs 2 per redeemable points . One girl named KHUSHBU was talking from ph no 7859875743 and 7859822439. Initially Irefused to deliver my card details but their continuous calls and an assurance that as the points are being redeemed no amount shall be credited to my a/c . I did not believe but their cotinuous requests almost compelled me to accept their offer . Some co named BSR ASSOCIATES has extended some benefits like wrist watch ,shoes,food vr,holiday package etc to the tune of Rs 8724.
Before completion of the transaction I once again asked the girl whether this amt will be credited to my a/c , she said no and also gave me helpline no 9136889312 in case of any wrong doing on their part. I accepted the offer and on 17th April 2016 I have recd an SMS from your side to convert the amt of Rs 8724 in EMI s which would carry no interest .
I NOW FEAR THAT SOME THING IS WRONG WITH THE CALLER ,IN FACT I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THE BENEFITS BEING OFFERED BY SO CALLED BSR ASSOCIATES WHICH PL NOTE . Also pl note that I am not in a position to pay your amt of Rs 8724 which if forcibly credited to my card I shall have no other altenative but to approach consumer forum. The package of benefits which is going to be delivered on my address within 10 to 12 days …. I request you to pl guide me whether to accept this package as a benefit without crediting the amt to my credit card… I sense a foul play in all this which pl note.Also pl note that Ihave never redeemed my points since possession of sbi card since almost last 15 years.
Anand Deo
SBI CARD NO 4317 5750 2611 0552
Mob no regd with you 9422465567

Transaction on the name of redeemable points
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