transfer order to seek resignation to extract money as bond money

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I, Nidhi Gupta was offered a job of Assistant Manager on probation by Catholic Syrian Bank, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi. During the interview I enquired about contents of my job. I was told that it will be little bit of everything. But when I joined the job my services were utilized for the sales of loans and accounts by the bank. I was not given opportunity to do any other work apart from this, depriving me of job satisfaction.
There was a letter from the Head office on 14/5/2014 no. SO2713/4901/2014 indicating the supervisory functions which should be entrusted to the newly recruited officer but none of these responsibilities were given to me. I was given the only task of selling the loans with unmentioned targets. The same job was given to 3 more lady officers who were employed in other branches of bank in Delhi .I continued working inspite of not getting the job satisfaction and no cognizance was taken on my repeated requests to my seniors to allow me to work in bank operations.
After 5 months of work without a single leave working beyond the working hours of bank with full dedication ,suddenly , I was given transfer orders to Chennai.Three other lady officers who joined the bank in other branches of Delhi were also given similar orders to Chennai/ Kochin about 2,200 km down-south during the probation period without confirmation of job. Even on request neither the posting order was deferred till the probation period was over nor were the services confirmed and not even assurance was given about confirmation of services on completion of probation period. I was expected to do the same job of sales of Loans and accounts in the new station where the local language was not at all known to me.
The transfer order was dated 24/6/2014 and was given on 26/6/2014 at 4PM. I was to be relieved on 28/6/2014 during working hours i.e. after 10AM and was required to report on duty in Chennai on 30/6/2014. Giving me less than 48 hours to travel from Delhi to Chennai, which has 36 hours of train journey and travelling by road, to and from railway station with the remark to claim the joining period later on.This transfer order to all 4 officers who joined together in Delhi was a clear indication of malafide intention of the organization to seek our resignation. This was further proved when they did not accept our request as mention to defer the posting order till my probation period was over or change the place of posting to a nearby place which could help us to perform our job of sales with Hindi as the local language. The transfer was not as per the transfer policy of the organization.
Posting me to Chennai with no knowledge of local language Tamil and expecting us to promote sales clearly indicated their intention to harass us. With my original certificate in their custody and this posting order to be implemented there was no option for me than to resign from the job which was the desire of the organization.
The same happened with the other 3 lady officers out of which two resigned and one with who was a native of Kerala accepted the transfer order. All 3 of us had to pay the bond amount of Rs. 2,00,000 amounting to serving the organization for 6 months without salary and spending from my pocket the cost of travel from my home to office which itself comes to 80,000 in 6 months.
Keeping original certificate in custody, which I did in good faith as I always thought banks are organization of repute, but I felt it was unjustified and appeared like extortion of my qualification certificates for Rs.2,00,000.
It has created a lot of mental trauma as I joined the bank to make banking as my career, but I was used as a sales girl by the bank, and I was forced to resign by an order of transfer which was a clear indication of their malafide intention.
I could not gather courage to go to a place 2,200 km away from my hometown as organization showed no signs of employee welfare and the verbal answer to all my request was that for money(salary) you have to go to anywhere we post you to.
I request you to conduct an enquiry to know
1).If the posting order was justified as per the transfer policy of the bank or with a malafide intention.
2) Has the organization provided a proper environment for the employees. to work.
3) Has the organization taken care of my welfare as an employees especially being a female
4) Was the bank justified in giving me the job of only sales depriving me of performing the other functions operations
.5) Is the organization justified on ethical and moral grounds to take Rs 2,00,000 after service of 5 months from an employee who is in the beginning of her career.
They did not give back my certificate on resignation till the amount of bond money was paid back.I requested them to waive off the bond money but they did not listen to my request. Not releasing the certificate on resignation till the bond amount was paid is unjustified. . It is not only unethical, immoral, illegal but appears like extortion..,
I came to know that names of all 4 of us were not their in the list of routine transfer order which was released by the Staff Department. Again proving that the transfer order given to all 4 of us aimed to seek our resignation and bond money.
I also came to know that out of 19 new Probationary Officers appointed by the bank 3 were posted to SME vertical Chennai the place where I was transferred to and 1 was posted to Greater Kailash Part 2 branch where I was working .This is also important that all the three officers posted to Chennai appeared to be South Indian by name and 1 posted to Greater Kailash i.e. in Delhi appears to be North Indian by name.
It simply proves that the posting order given to me to go from Delhi to Chennai was aimed to seek my resignation .The fact that the work I was required to do in Chennai required knowledge of local language as I was expected to promote Sales and not the Bank Operations further proves it.
Though the process of selection of officer who was posted to my present branch greater Kaiulash 2 must have started much earlier but that appointment letter to the new officer appointed at my branch i.e. Greater Kailash 2, was issued not even after the transfer order given to me i.e. on 24/6/2014 but was given as soon as I put up my resignation. This indicates that the the newly appointed officer was appointed to replace me and this transfer order was to seek my resignation. And seeking my resignation along with 3 other officers was planned much before.
.If my posting order was due to requirement at Chennai Office I wish to know who has been posted in my place apart from those whose posting was already decided before my transfer order.
The same needs to be known about the other two posts which fell vacant at the new place of posting of the other two officers were posted to, who resigned.
Investigations will clearly reveal the intentions of the bank and may reveal it as a regular feature of employing people and getting their services free by forcing them to resign and getting back the money in the form of Bond Money with their certificates in their custody.
The option of going to court is too costly and to fight a legal battle against this organization who have a fleet of lawyers employed by them is beyond me for financial reasons as I have already paid Rs.2 lacs as bond money.
I request your good-self to please investigate the matter and kindly help me to get justice and get back the bond money which I had to pay to the bank to get back my original certificates.
Dr.Naresh Gupta 9810845793

transfer order to seek resignation to extract money as bond money
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