Tukaram Raosaheb Pawar Missing

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Name : Mr Tukaram Raosaheb Pawar
Address : 585/3A, Sopan Maharaj Society, Gultekdi, Market yard, Pune -411037
Age : 82 Yrs
My father started journey to Ghuman to attend Namdev Maharaj Marathi Sahitya Sammelan alongwith 7 colleagues on 01/04/2015 from Mumbai in Golden Temple train. Before Amritsar he accidentally got down on 03/04/2015 in between 05.00 to 05.30 am at BEAS JUNCTION. His colleagues after understanding immediately returned from Amritsar and rushed to GRPF police at Beas. They alongwith the local police searched in Beas but were unable to find my father and launched complaint with GRPF Police Beas ( No 3 dtd 03/04/2015). On 04/04/2015 I Mr Nitin T Pawar ( 09822815168) and Hrishikesh Shinde ( 09922188999) reached Beas on 04/04/2015 at 18.30pm. During search over there one sevedar from Satsang named Sunny ( 09872859603) from Beas confirmed that he had departed my father in S 4 boggie of Golden Temple train heading to Mumbai at 10.00pm on 04/04/2015 itself. Accordingly we arranged from Pune with our friends to reach Mumbai and receive my father on 06/04/2015
On 06/04/2015 at Mumbai we came to understand that my father never reached Mumbai, instead he had been dislodged or got down by himself from train near by Jalandhar/Phagwara. The story we came to understood was as follows:
On 04/04/2015 after departure of train according to information gathered from one of passenger Mr Hrishikesh Bhalerao ( 09969828581) residing at Mumbai explained that there was some mishap took place in train. According to Mr Bhalerao there was gold ring snatching with my father due to which he had pulled chain of the train (ACP ) that was not registered. RPF guards present viz. Tejsingh ( 09650917650) and ASI Jagdish Yadav ( 09811783119) in train were at the place. Instead of helping my father he was dislodged from the train and till date he is missing. There was communication problem in between police and my father as my father speaks only Marathi and police were Punjabi. Mr Bhalerao was interpreting in between them near S1 boggie.
Conclusion : As per looking at all incidences occurred and calculating time this mishap cannot take place only in matter of ½ to 1 hour period after train started from Beas.
After details received we visited Ludhiana Railway Junction and met Mr Vinodkumar (RPF Head)- 09779232735 and explained the facts we came to know. There Mr Pardeepkumar confirmed us from guards present on Golden Temple train that day that my father got down from train at Jalandhar City.
HERE we were confused as the facts occurred and conviction we heard did not match as per time frame.
We started from there and reached Phagwara, there we searched and launched complaints on 181, spread news on cable satellite in Phagwara, Complaint at Radhasoami Satsang Beas Z01 Security, pasted posters on Railway Stations, contacted with GRPF and RPF police Phagwara, but no trace. From there we went to Jalandhar City and tried to trace with same procedure but no result.
During all these days we had sent information to Mr Ravi Bhagat ( DC ), Mr Vinodkumar ( RPF Ludhiana), DSP Ghuman, ASI Mr Sukhvinder , Rajinder Singh, there was poor response from all of them. We returned to Pune on 07/04/2015.
Again on 11/04/2015 we started from Pune and reached Amritsar. There we met Mr Ketan Patil ( 09815429197)ADCP, Mr Arun Londhe ( 09779232730) RPF Head Amritsar. Mr Londhe Sir confirmed us about my father left train at Jalandhar city. They guided us to Mr Balbir Singh ( 09914200652)SHO Jalandhar No.1 who helped us to find my father through out Jalandhar city and Cantt area, Old homes, Gurudwaras, Mandirs, Civil Hospital, etc. and also pasted posters all over city areas.
From there we again visited Phagwara and nearby rural areas and distributed posters. Than we searched Amritsar and there Mr Manishkumar Amritsar Police helped us to search Pingalwara, Mandirs, Golden Temple, registered missing complaint in Golden Temple pasted posters nearby areas. We were unable to trace out my father and returned back on 15/04/2015 to Pune.

FIR launched details
Beas RPF : No 3 dtd 03/04/2015
Punjab Helpline 181 : No 610109 dtd 11/04/2015
Market yard Pune : No 7245 dtd 08/04/2015

Name of Persons for contact :
Mr Nitin Pawar – 09822815168
Mr Hrishikesh Shinde – 09922488999
Mr Santosh Pawar – 08378834177, 02024263531

Tukaram Raosaheb Pawar Missing
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