tv display problems

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my tv smart tv 40″ ua405560ar only blinking
my contact no 0503643472 ruwais abu dhabi uae

tv display problems
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  1. shanmugam. s

    I Surender my Nokia N-8 mobile phone for touch screen display service at Mythri service, ongole,Andrapradesh, who is authorized Nokia care centre.
    When they take my hand on 16.07.2015, never book what kind of complaint in written regiter and no proof for my handset is going for servicing or replace handset valuable parts. After 5 days on 21.05.2015, they return my hand set – say that mother board problem. I am blind my hand set, I request them to give written complaint as we can’t service here. What kind of care is providing for Nokia costumer as I suffered bought Nokia N8 mobile and not problem rectified. I going on the way with useless hand set.
    May the Nokia will handle my problem?


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