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I have purchased Samsung TV from Nakoda Electronics. The TV installation was carried on 25.05.2015 through Samsung service center . Infromt of him the TV was not dispalying properly.

Then he had instructed me to register this type of complaint in the Customer care . Accordingly i registered the compliant on 26.05.2015 .

Afterwards that Samsung has assigned some engineers and they came to my house and checked the TV and told me that LED panel is corrupted and they will be change at free of cost as its in warranty period.

Today whenever I have queried with Samsung customer care the said request ID the person sitting at customer care (Name is Anitha ), told me that the complaint has closed .
Now Unless the problem itself not got rectified how come the said complaint has closed .

It’s already been 5 days. . I cannot wait for so long. If the TV is not working then its problem with Samsung . Kindly replace the TV with the existing model .

This will hamper / dent the reputation of Samsung if this sorts of customer care got from Sony’s side in warranty period

TV Replacement
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