Uber deduct amount twice from my Paytm account

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Dear Team,

PFA ,Yesterday i had made the payment of rs.600 in my paytm account,and take two rides from Uber cab, 1st ride i had booked from Chatterpur enclave to Iffco Chowk and After 1st ride my billed amount was 154.23 and it has been deducted from my paytm account on the same time ,and Rs. 45 has been left in my paytm account .

Again i had made the payment of Rs.200 ,and booked the Uber cab from Iffco Chowk to Chatterpur enclave (Same location where driver picked me)and after drop my billed amount was Rs.223.97.
As per calculation after 2nd ride payment would be left in my paytm account 21.83 Rs.

But driver told me that we have less amount in my paytm account so we had again made the payment of rs. 200.

PS: This is to bring your notice that ,1st time we had requested for cab around 11:20 ,and we called the cab driver @9953563828 (Name-Sejad) his number was switched off continuously ,we was getting late ,but we had not received any response,then we cancelled that cab for pickup and booked another one which was departure around 23:54(Cab driver Name- Binay,Mobile-8826038100).

Kindly clarify and refund my 221.83 Rs. in my paytm vallet only.

Payment Date/Time Amount booked through Paytm Travel time/Date Uber billed amount Balance amount in paytm after ride
14.07.15 / 22:36 200 23:54 /15.07.15 154.2 45.8
15.07.15 / 1:57 200 Nil Nil Nil
15.07.15 / 2:24 200 2:36 / 15.07.15 223.97 21.83
As per transaction & Paytm wallet the balance amount would be 221.83
But payment has been left my wallet 80

Aditi Trivedi

Uber deduct amount twice from my Paytm account
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