Uber taxi has cheated me

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I have 2 free rides in my uber account, today I booked a cab from uber cabs, so that one of the free ride must be utilised for that. but the ride, the money got deducted from my paytm wallet linked to that uber account and for my shock, the 2 free rides are disappeared from my account. the uber cabs is cheating the people. There is no contact number also to contact uber, they are cheating in such a way that there is no contact point with them. Please solve this issue.

Uber taxi has cheated me
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  1. Debashis Senguptad

    I am a new user of Uber Kolkata. Since app cab is new to Kolkata and my android mobile phone is of low configuration and slow. I use my uber ride first time some 6-7 days ago with cash payment. But after that when I urgently need a uber the app replies “My account is disabled”. I mailed to uber support several times about my problem. But they still does not end it. My question is: What is my fault? Why they disabled my account? Will I not able to ride uber any more?


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