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My name is Roopadevi. Satyavarapu. I was a google user since 2009, though I am not sure about the exact month and time of the gmail login creation Im the owner of the account roopadevi1812@gmail.com.

Till last night i.e. march, 11th 2016 I was able to login to my gmail account. When i am working on it, suddenly it got disabled saying “we’ve detected unusual activity. For your protection, we’ve disabled your account.

To try to regain access to your account, please visit our having trouble signing in page and select “I’m having other problems signing in.” Follow the steps and you’ll be taken to our account recovery form, where we’ll ask you some questions to help verify your identity.

When we are trying to trouble shoot it , it was asking so many questions that are out of my mind, still i tried to answer all those.

I have my gmail connected to so many of my activities in my android phone, due to which i was unable to access single one of them.
And I have so many important documents in my g-mail account.
I can provide an alternate e-mail to which you can send a verification password and even my personal number to which my gmail is synchronised 9666254493.

Please help me in resolving this issue.

Unable to access gmail account
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