Unauthorised Account transaction & Malpractice in Education Loan (IOB – Chenneerkkara, Kerala)

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Myself Syamala Kumari M K is a customer of IOB Chenneerkkara, Pathanamthitta bearing account No: 063201000002020 for the last 12 years. I had took an education loan (Vidyajyothi) for my elder Son Sumesh S on 01/01/2011.I paid an amount of 10000 as interest on 09/01/2014 as per the instruction from the Bank. By the way I need to close the loan and enquired the total amount to the manager (Mr. Murali) and as per his instruction rupees 213000 deposited on my account on 19/07/2014. Manager told it will take 3-4 days to process and after he will give the loan closure certificate. But yet the bank has not given the closure details. When I checked with the loan statement only 2,02,874 rupees is paid to loan against OTS and no other money is transferred to loan. After I checked my account statement bank deducted RS 10140 as other charges.The same is enquired with the bank but no one is willing to give any clarification regarding this. After a series of enquiry they have told that the amount is paid to an external agency who had come for recovery. As per my knowledge the loan is only in its repayment stage and bank shouldn’t sent a single inland letter regarding the loan, then how can they go to recovery proceedings. By the time the manager transffered and the new one is unaware of the above transactions. This is a clear case of cheating that money in my account is transferred by bank with out my consent. I am a regular visitor of the bank and this is my first experience in my life, as a reputed bank like IOB does these type of cheap malpractices and no one is responsible for the same.

Unauthorised Account transaction & Malpractice in Education Loan (IOB – Chenneerkkara, Kerala)
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