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This is regarding a postman who is giving his services since more than almost 3 years in our area. We received the passport of our doughter yesterday and he said he wants ” sewa pani” for this . I offered him 10 Rs, he said that u keep it back. I said that we have already paid for the passport , it was important for us so we applied for it otherwise we are not going to any foreign country. I had a small quarrel with him, he said I ll have to bring any other dispatch from the office or post office itself, I said I don’t mind bringing myself but what you are demanding the money for? It’s your duty. He said you have said the wrong things to me , you can ask anyone in the nearby areas everyone pays for it . I was little worried then I said I wll complaint about this he said you can complain 10 times I m not scared. Then, I had to stop the quarrel .

Please keep the laws about these people tight so that they don’t do such harassment with Aam Admi like us and please keep this complaint secret ..

We believe you

Thank you sir
Consumer from west guru Angad nagar , opposite radhu place, Lakshmi naga r.

Unauthorised charges
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