Unauthorized deduction in talk time balances

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I refer to my earlier complaints dated June 8 and June 12, 2015. My earlier complaints have not been resolved and now again there have been deductions in talk time balances of my CDMA mobile numbers of Rs.10 each. The details of mobile numbers are as below
1. 9372296955 Rs.10 deducted
2. 9325990368 Rs.10 deducted
3. 9371457785 Rs.10 deducted
4. 9372655279 Rs.10 deducted
5. 9371967714 Rs.10 deducted
There have been no incoming/outgoing messages/calls for these unauthorised deductions like the cases of unauthorised deductions in the past.
Also, the talk time balances of my GSM mobile numbers-8055635623 and 8055744381 have not been restored so far in spite of my earlier complaints. I request you to restore my all balances in the mobiles and also please make sure that there are no unauthorised deductions in talk time balances of my mobiles. Also please activate DND service in my mobiles as requested earlier time and again.
I request you to kindly get my balances restored fully and give suitable compensation of not less than Rs. 1500 in talk time balance to my mobile number 9325430132 to reduce my mental torture and agony because of this.
With thanks and regards,
Wing Commander AP Gandhi
mobile no.-9325430132

Unauthorized deduction in talk time balances
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