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I made remittance of Rs.4550/- on 4/4/2016 to Quickr, after they accepted my offer price and requested me for the remittance. I am in Bangalore. The advertisement details and ackg. by quickr are given below. I live in Bangalore and when the PIN code is given, no pop up saying that the goods is at Gurgoan; nor it is mentioned in the related ad. Top of it, I was asked to give my address for delivery; even at that time, I was not cautioned that the goods is at Gurgoan, After remittance, within 10 minutes, one Mr.Prittush called me from Gurgoan office and told that the order can not be executed and that the refund would be made in due course. I said when exactly the refund would be received. No specific reply; today is 7/4/2016; until now, not even a formal communication. QUICKR IS INDULGING IN SUCH UNETHICAL PRACTICE TO ENJOY PUBLIC MONEY FREE OF INTEREST. This I am telling with the hope, sometime, I will get the refund; if it is not going to happen, then QUICKR IS FRAUDULENTLY CHEAT THE PUBLIC AND SWINDLE THE MONEY…..HOW MANY ARE THE VICTIMS LIKE ME, I AM NOT SURE; BUT THE REGULATORS SHOULD STEP IN AND TAKE SEVER ACTION AGAINST QUICKR SO THAT THE GULLIABLE PUBLIC CAN NOT BE LOOTED ……G.Ramachandran: 09980117302, grcuma@gmail.com

We have received your payment of ₹4550.
The transaction id for this payment is 5000198966. Now just sit back and let Quikr take care of the rest!
Payment receipt invoice

Godrej brand metal almirah for sale
AD ID: 260571095
Seller: storerm@quikr.com
Mob: 9632041132
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Final offer price ₹ 4550

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