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Respected ma’am/sir,
This is to kindly inform you that our school namely ST. MICHAEL’S SR. SECONDARY SCHOOL,resided in gurgaon,near harish bakery,shivpuri has failed total 33 students in 11th standard which is not allowed as per the rules and regulations of CBSE BOARD.You will be taken aback when you get to know that the teachers have failed so many of the students who had personal issues with them,yet they were excellent in studies.I will tell you what our school staff and the principle has done,it is as follows:-
1. They used fluid on the final marksheets of students who are failed and have made many corrections on it..which is legally not allowed!
2. They are completely refusing to show us our marksheets because they know we’re gonna question them and they won’t be able to answer back because they are the ones who have deducted the marks.
3. They have failed few of the students who were damn intelligent n the teachers didn’t like them as they had some personal issues with them and therefore,they failed them.
4. Thy have passed all the brothers(brothers are a part of the christian community who stay and live in the church premises in order to become priests),they even passed all those brothers who had been extremely weak in studies during the whole year and the students who are failed were much better than them,which is absolutely UNFAIR! They passed them because the school is run by christian community itself,such as the nones and the priests.
5.They have fined the sum of RUPEES 100/- for the re-tests of the students,which is against all the rules of CBSE BOARD as no school os allowed to fine rupees on re-tests.
Ma’am/sir,I don’t know whom shall i go to and conplaint about all thid because our principal won’t let us in the school,and thats when i thought of contacting the media,because there is no such strong platform as the media.I have a hope if you please come foreard and help us becauset this is about WASTAGE OF ONE YEAR OF ALL THE BRIGHT STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN FAILED WITHOUT ANY REASONS,and I’m sure you understand our concern as you have also gone through this stage in your childhood,its also about our future,if you have children,you will surely understand our problems.The children are in depression and i want you to help all of us out of this mess.You are most welcome to our school to research if you don’t find me convinient.I hope my and many of those students voice have reached you through this message.I eagerly look forward for your response.My contact no. Is-8447719473/9211612636.I most kindly and humbly request you to give us OUR JUSTICE..the justice shall be served…

Yours truly,
Amulya maseeh manna

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