Unfair Treatment of Dogs

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Dear Meneka Ji,

Below, I am attaching the letter of Miss Sapna Chaurasia (Running the Animal and Bird Welfare Society in Indore), who has been constantly taking innumerable efforts for the welfare of animals. It is really sad to say, but we ourselves have seen the condition of animals in Ujjain. Kindly read below for more information-


Firstly, I would like to inform you about what is happening in Ujjain these days. Government has released a budget of 5000 cr. for the upcoming Simhastha Kumbh Mela in Ujjain. But it is really sad to say that thousands of dogs in the colonies of Ujjain are being thrown out on the outskirts by untrained people using dangerous tools instead of nets. The municipal authorities are not exactly aware of the way these people are handling the dogs but a lot of them are getting injured. You can call the local person Mr. Sharma who runs a dog shelter +919575199905. He will tell you the actual condition. Also, I’m giving the numbers of some senior authorities in Ujjain who are not bothered by this-

Please call-

PERSON IN CHARGE- VISHAL SINGH- add. commissioner- +919425055506
Collector -Kavindra Kiyavat- +919425600332
Municipal Commissioner- Avinash Labaniya- +919009100172

Please take action on immediate basis because it is already too late!

Secondly, thank you very much for giving permission to keep donation-boxes at Indore airport. We are making a lot of efforts for donations for constructions and benefit for animal welfare but not getting many donations, so we are very helpless in making more wards and run ambulances. We always ask gov. authorities for help but they always deny and answer- ‘first we are responsible for human welfare so our priority is human and not animals’. Sanjay Dubey, commissioner of district asked the collector of Indore Mr. P. Narhari for keeping donation boxes in main temples in Indore and he refused. So now, at this time only your letter will work for donations. We also drafted a letter for Mr. Kailash Vijayvergiya (Industrial Minister of Madhya Pradesh) for c.s.r fundings, so please give a letter to him for helping in c.s.r fundings because he knows which industries are capable for giving donations and they will only donate if Mr. Kailash Vijayvargiya shows interest. We don’t have his new phone number. Please do take care of what is happing in Ujjain on immediate basis. IMAGES ATTACHED
Thank you so much!

-Sapna Chaurasia

Unfair Treatment of Dogs
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