Unjustified deduction & approach of Bharti Airtel Ltd.

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My prepaid cell number is 9818470506.

I had a 2G Internet connection on my number since long. Initially as per Co’s tariff, they charged 98/- with 1 month validity. Once, due to insufficient balance in my prepaid account, Internet Connection got deactivated. When I recharged my number, Internet Connection was renewed with 21 days validity. I was told by CCE that they no longer have 1 month validity pack.
Sometime later, again due to insufficient balance in my prepaid account, Internet Connection got deactivated. When I recharged my number, Internet Connection was renewed with 14 days validity and again same explanation was given by CCE that now they do not have 21 days validity pack.
Again my balance was insufficient. This time I called up Customer Care and the Supervisor said that due to insufficient balance, as a process the pack gets suspended and not deactivated. If I recharge my account within 24 hrs, same pack with 14 days validity will be activated, although that they do not have 14 days validity pack anymore. As advised by CCE, I recharged my account and my 14 days pack got renewed automatically, although Airtel had already done away with this pack long back.
Now my Complaint – My balance was insufficient and pack got deactivated. I called up the CCE just to enquire what was suggested to me in earlier instance. After again and again probing, I was confirmed that she is renewing 98/- pack with validity of 14 days.
To my dismay, I found that 98/- pack was activated, however, validity was 10 days. I then insisted on speaking with the Supervisor. When my line was transferred to the Supervisor, he said that he cannot help me in this but can deactivate the pack and refund my money (Rs. 98/-). I agreed. I received a credit of 98/-.
After this incident, I didnt get any pack activated through CCE or by any USSD, however was using net under the impression that balance i being deducted from my Main Balance. After 7 days, I received a message from Airtel stating – “Rs 98 2G internet pack, 375MB for 14 days will be renewed in 3 days. manage packs, dial *121*8#. Free 50% Night data Cash back .call 55555( Toll Free).” I wondered why I am receiving this message, however was happy that finally I am getting my 14 days validity pack again although with a lower MB limit. I didnt call any CCE on this. After 3 days, I received a meassage, “Rs98 2G internet pack, 375 MB valid for 10 days has been renewed. Post free usage:8p/10KB apply. To activate Free 50% Night Data Cashback, call 55555 (Toll Free).
As already my 98/- was deducted, I used the pack for 10 days. Again same message was repeated that pack will be renewed with validity of 14 days. It was then that I decided to take this up with the Competent Authority. I deactivated my Internet Pack before renewal on 26th March’16 and now writing to you.
I seek your help in this regard as this is not a matter of 98/-. Airtel is fooling its customers.

I hope I have written enough in a very understandable language. Please help me in this and I expect a strict action against the Co.

Vibha Kejriwal

Unjustified deduction & approach of Bharti Airtel Ltd.
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