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I am Madhukar Kumar . I am using reliance GSM network .

I had balance 71.00 rupees in my account today and also have 35 rupees tariff plan in my account (STD R to R Mobile calls @ 10P/Min & STD Other Mobile calls @35p/min).

I talked to someone reliance to reliance network and after 71min my account balance is 0.009 rupees .

Then I called to reliance customer care and talked with LATHA . she told me ” Toady is black day and we are celebrating Eid festival so all tariff plan has been deactivated and call rate is 1 rupees/min today then I told her you should inform me then she replied we have informed to all the customer via message” . but I didn’t get any messages form reliance side then she simply said “sorry sir”.

I want to know reason why I didn’t receive massages for this ?

Could you guys please help me on the same ?

unlimited balance detected
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