Unnecessary Charge of property tax

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Honorable CM,

Subject: Unnecessary Charge of Property Tax.

I am citizen of karnal (Haryana) with UPID No. 170C452U113, We are having a pending property Tax of 6 years (2010-11 to 2015-16) in Municipal Corporation, Karnal. As we have paid the required Property Tax of 2010-2011, We are having slip of that payment. We Approved the Map from Municipal corporation in 2011-2012 for building four floors. We paid the amount of Rs. 2,02,100.00 fees of Municipal corporation for our area of 136 meters. We received the Map after approval in August 2012, then we start constructing the Building in 2013, it took 2 years in completion of building. We start living in the premises in starting year of 2015. We didnt get the property tax from M.C. in those years. Now, we approached the M.C. and find out the property tax, there is a pending tax of 6 years from 2010-11 to 2015-16 for four floors 2 commercials (Basement, ground floor of area approximately 110 meters) rest of ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor comes under residential area. There is a Pending Property Tax of Rs. 82,000 appr. inclusive of interest for 6 years as well. We approached the M.C. office but they are not helping us out in this matter. Why we need to pay the property tax for four floors as there was not a single floor built upto 2013-14?

Please suggest us the way so that our property tax get revised and we can pay the appropriate amount to M.C.


Vinod Kumar

Unnecessary Charge of property tax
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