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I bought a phone micromax canvas knight a350 and after 6 months it got worsen. The touch of the phone was not working so i went to micromax service centre of rohini on 27 april 2015 in the morning.

One of the customer care executives(name-deepak) working there told me that it will take 20-25 days maximum to get repaired but i have not got my phone back even not a single call from their side to inform me about the phone. On 25th day i called on service center’s no. They informed me that it will take few days more then i asked for any senior’s contact no. They gave me the no of Mr Gagandeep 9582536919 but he never pick up the call .

After 2-3 days i got a call from micromax. they said that we are planning to replace your phone as it’s taking so much time. They told me they are replacing it with micromax canvas a800 but i didn’t like that phone so i refused..
Then i called on micromax customer care no they gave me the complaint no.too.The no is MMX220515288905 but what’s the use of that when no one pick up the call. Everyone is taking the customer for granted.

On 30th may i again called the service center’s no. They told me that it will take more time so we are replacing the phone and it will be delivered at your place then i asked which phone you are replacing it with. They said that we don’t know about it and cut the call

Then again called them but no use of it. ringing, ringing and ringing only. No one is taking an effort to pick up the call. within 3 days i called atleast 70-80 times but no response from their side, they didn’t pick any call.

I told them that i don’t want any other replaced phone i just want my phone back or the same model or just want my money back. Otherwise i am going to take some action. We take leaves or half days from our jobs just to get our mobile repaired but no use because those people are ridiculous and so their services are.

One more thing i want to mention that i asked for any mobile for temporary purpose till my phone get replaced but mr deepak said according to our policies we can’t provide any other phone. just think can any person spend 1.5-2 months without phone in today’s life when you are using that phone for official purpose too

i even told them that i just want my phone back asap otherwise customer court’s doors are always open for us but it doesn’t matter for them

name of service center-M/S best services
address of service center-C9/92, 1st floor, sec 8 rohini, new delhi
contact details of service center -9311887080 and 01147057202
and job sheet number-N031822-0415-16298894

On june 4 i got a call from service center they told me that your phone has been replaced but when i asked that which phone i am getting in this replacement then she told me that i don’t know. what kind of service is this? their services are just yuck.
i told them i will take either my phone or if you are replacing it then the same model otherwise just give my money back.

On june 5 i went to the service center, there they gave me the replaced phone. i was satisfied because it was same model. when i asked for the warranty they told me that your previous phone’s warranty card will be used in this too

the other day when i got the phone i saw that it’s a broken piece. it’s touch or the screen is not properly attached. we can see the internal lights of the phone when i use the phone it’s touch come out automatically.

The same day i got a call from the micromax head office and they told me that i will get a warranty of 1 year of the replaced phone as it took more than 1 month to get repaired. But they didn’t gave any warranty of the replaced phone. i don’t know what kind of services they are giving to their customers and what people are doing over there if they can’t satisfy the customers.

i marked the last mail on 7 june 2015 from that day to till now i haven’t got any response from their side neither a call nor email

after that i called so many times but no response. so finally with so much frustation on 9 may 2015 i visited the same center best services-rohini sec 8. there i spoke to deepak he told me that this center is closed now when i asked him that how it is possible because i collected the replacement phone(broken piece) 2 days before from this center only then he told me that it is closed since 1 june but i collected on 5 june..

after that my frustation level was too high and on 10 may i went to another service center ramesh nagar. there i had a conversation with the owner Mr Nitish about the same problem. they told me that the rohini service center is not closed they are lying. i told all the problem then he said they have given you the wrong piece when i asked for the solution then they told me that you give your phone to us and we will send you to the company then it will be replaced by same model or any other, it not confirmed and it will take around 4 weeks.

i am not getting it just for a single problem i will give my phone to the company for 2-3 months. really disgusting. and aise hi sari warranty phone ki khtm ho jaegi then ye log kahenge warranty over and yes i havn’t got warranty or any replaced phone bill or any other infoormation till now

i am requesting you to take some strict action against them. they are completely harrasing the customers mentally. after so much frustation and mental harrassment i am complaining you. kindly do the needful asap.

name of service center-M/S best services
address of service center-C9/92, 1st floor, sec 8 rohini, new delhi
contact details of service center -9311887080 and 01147057202
and job sheet number-N031822-0415-16298894

unprofessional attitude of micromax
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