unresponse in murder case of kamlesh verma despite of arrest

Complaint Date:

Please investigate and broad cast the news of the case of murder of one of my relative Shri Kamlesh Verma who was shot dead on dated 24/03/2015 at evening about 19:45 hrs by the gang of 3 goons on bike. After a long chasing police has arrested one goon who is supposed to main head and responsible for the incident.All news was published in Mau edition page in leading news paper such as Dainik Jagran,Amar Ujala etc on 25&26th march,2015.Shri Kamlesh Verma was returning on his bike to his home after closing his jwellery shop at Gotha.He was carrying all his jwellery.The goons snached all his belongings incl bike and shot him to dead.This because the family of Shri Kamlesh Verma will get justice by inerfering your news channel as even after arresting the culprit the material and bike not discovered till date and case is being lingoring.The culprit is belong to Rai caste and it is being understood that one Rai leader of Mau distt i.e rajeev rai is favouring him.
All other details may be got from the address below.
Anand Verma(Elder brother of shri Kamlesh Verma)
Baba Thanidas pokhara,near railway station Amila,distt-Mau(UP).mobile08115806977.

unresponse in murder case of kamlesh verma despite of arrest
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