Unsatisfied The Samsung Product Servicing

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Avanish k singh
Percuing b-tech in me from ABESIT in Ghaziabad.
My mob no 8467976586 & 8130013242.
My problem is ie
The product , servicing & servicing of the custmer is very bad & unconvience.
Because i am suffer in thes problem
I give a replacement order of the bluetooth nearly 15 days but no call or informention provide the samsung.
Whenever i call the service centre then memberes are behieve rude & bad manner .
Product quality is very bad.
Very small amount of the servicing centre in famous cities & taking time is more than 6 hours for a small problem like softer updating & replacing order in gaurntee period.
Present time this is not satiesfied the user in any fields & only make full.
Then i request u should be a suitablee action about it.
Please attention my matter & i think ie you will take a proper action for the TRUTH.

Unsatisfied The Samsung Product Servicing
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