UnSubscribe from Astrology Services from Aircell

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I use Aircell Mobile Number 9094626418, every month they deduct Rs.30/- for Astrology Services for which I do not Subscribe and I tried sending STOP to 155223 (VAS Services) which is totally waste. When I called Customer Services they are saying no Value Added Services is Activated, but Rs.30/- will be deducted every Month.
I am highly dissatisfied with you behaviour.. i didnt activate any of these.. I request you to unsubscribe everything and refund my balance back.
Number# 9094626418.

UnSubscribe from Astrology Services from Aircell
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One Response to “UnSubscribe from Astrology Services from Aircell”

  1. Aircel

    Dear Customer (f_aircell),

    We would like to inform you that currently, there is no VAS service activated on your number (9094626418) and hence won’t be able to deactivate the same.
    Further, please share the date of deduction and the screenshot of the message received upon deduction so that we can look into the matter.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Aircel Social Media Team


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