unwanted phone calls.

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from morning to evening I get frequent phone calls from different numbers starting from 4000. music,songs and some promos are heard from these numbers. These calls disturb me very much.Pl arrange to stop these calls and oblige me.
My number is 9088811226

unwanted phone calls.
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  1. P.A.Varghese

    Mode of Operation of some Culprits to loot money: I have lost before in similar method. Incoming Calls,only one or Two Rings.If responded,Money deducted from Credits.Calls even during Midnights.My Mob.No: 9495327985 Addl Incoming Nos +212692280217
    Calls Received Date TIME +212692280169
    +212692280197 30.12.15 2.23 Also 31.12.15 At 8.39 PM
    +265882603515 6.01.16 5.15AM Also On 7.1.16 At 4.53PM


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