UP Journalist Jagendra Singh Burnt to Death

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Dear Arnab,

I am a regular Times Now New Hour viewer. I think you’re doing a great job of bringing up burning issues in our country – be it VVIP facilities and treatment given to Ministers and politicians, they being treated above law, Corruption in Govt, and matters and issues of national significance (economy, national security etc) and finally issues where injustice is being meted out to “Aam Admi” in our country.

Yesterday (Sunday evening) you featured in Times Now in a special program telecast on Sushma Swaraj-Lalit Modi scandal. But to people like us this has far lesser importance or significance than what happened to the journalist Mr Jagendra Singh in Shaharanpur in UP. That was a cruel and blatant murder of someone from your own fraternity. He made dying declaration but I find this incident has not been adequately covered by Times Now in the News Hour. Some of your reporters have covered it, but it is yet to be addressed by you in the Prime Time.

I suggest that you must bring out this story on the UP Minister’s conspiracy and corruption and how brutally he got Jagendra Singh burnt to death. I am sorry to say that you have not given the due importance to this gruesome incident that it really deserves. You must demand a CBI enquiry and get the Union Govt to address this issue with an iron fist and deliver justice to the family. \

I am attaching my profile just to ensure that my suggestion gets adequate attention from you and not simply overlooked.


Satyabir Bhattacharyya

UP Journalist Jagendra Singh Burnt to Death
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