Updation of your apology email

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Its not a complaint but its all about the standard email which needs to be updated that is my thought. Please call me at anytime at +91-9958210193 for better clarity. This is my help to Food Panda.

I like your approach.

Just want to update something. The email phrased by you is I know standard for all customers. There is some wrong phrase in email.For me frankly speaking no problem, I really appreciate your approach.

Please note the phrase and I hope you will be appreciate my efforts, because otherwise this may reflect bad to may be some customers.

Phrase is :-

“Also, taking note of the same we have forwarded it to our concerned department with the assurance that valuable customers like you deserve best and these instances are not at all acceptable and should be repeated.”

Just refer the bold phrase, the word ‘not’ is missing in the phrase. This is for your information. Thank you


Karambir Sandhu

Updation of your apology email
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