uproot cast system

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As a Muslim girl and a society I am living in i found so many practices in our society that degrade humans and they are looked as untouchables ..I find cast system the biggest evil in our society today…In my own religion I see people making differences on the bases of cast …as a member of society I can just council them but they don’t agree and stick to their guns ….sir I request u to take some major actions against this …every human has a right to live their life with dignity ,hence please who ever reads it please convey this message to CM ….I want to serve my country and help people to live their life with peace ..please contact me and suggest me the ways yo eradicate this evil…Thankyou.

uproot cast system
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  1. Anil

    The main problem in India is cast system I requested to remove reservations on bases of casts system. Please give reservations to poor & needy people. You are try to develop india in so many ways but you didn’t concentrate at this issue.
    Thanking you sir,

    Yours truly,
    Anil pss


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