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Unfortunately I am a GENERAL category male candidate from LUCKNOW who was registering for UPSC accounts officer/enforcement officer recruitment examination.So here is what happened with me:
UPSC online recruitment application is divided into 2 parts i.e Part 1 and Part 2
In part 1 we have to fill our basic information and make payment of Rupees 25 however female candidates and reserved candidates are exempted from from this payment.
In part 2 we have to upload photo and signature and after that in last we have to select TEST CENTRE
I filled the information,successfully made the payment ,and uploaded the photo & signature.
But as I reached to the last stage i.e TEST CENTRE SELECTION ,My desired test centre i.e LUCKNOW was not available,the website said the test centre is full.
Now my point is that why UPSC intimates the candidate that test centre is full AFTER PAYMENT, why didn’t they tell it BEFORE PAYMENT so that a candidate can back off if his desired test centre is not available.
Now my 25 rupees are wasted because I cannot select Jammu or Goa or Mumbai as my test centre.I know 25 rupees is not a big deal. But out there are many other candidates who might have faced similar problem.
Isn’t that the responsibility of UPSC to arrange adequate centres for conducting examination.If not then why they are taking those 25 rupees.
And that is why I hate Government.
I don’t know If I am legally right or not but there is something wrong going on which should be corrected.

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