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Dear Sir,

My father has a small business of cycle repairing that was taken on rent by our grandfather before around seventy years (that time British government was in India) in a small town named Hasanpur – 244241, District Amroha (Uttar Pradesh).

Due to some financial circumstances in the family, my father joined the same cycle repairing business of our grandfather, despite of completing his graduation (B. A. in 1978).

Now my father is around 60 years old and his body does not allow him to continue this type of hardworking business. Also this business has no scope in that area. Therefore we, his two sons, have decided after discussing with him that his business should be changed from cycle repairing to a small kirana store.

For this, some security features like one iron shutter instead of old wooden gate in the same shop and some sort of construction work etc. We have already had some bitter experiences like thefts in shop, water overflowing inside the shop during rainy season, sleeping of strangers outside shop area and using alcohol besides making shop verandah dirty etc.; in the past because of missing in the present structure.

Our father has tried his best a no. of times to make the shop owner understand the disasters we are facing. But he is neither ready for any construction work nor permitting us to start construction from our side. Indirectly he wants our father leave that shop because of these issues.

We request you to please give your kind attention towards the circumstances surrounding our father who is always keen to be independent irrespective of age factor and put his small contribution towards India growth.

Best wishes
Sanjeev Kumar Verma

Urgent :- Need your kind assistance
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