Usha Fan Heater 3112 purchased from Shopclue

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I had ordered Usha Fan Heater 3112 (QTY:1) on 7th Dec 2015 for Rs. 2300/- which was paid in advance and I got the product on 9th Dec 2015. My order number is 77650621.
When I had opened it and checking its performance, the product was not working at all.
I immediately submit the return request for which I had been the return ID No.2402689.
While selling the product they commit about the easy returns but when I requested of it they DECLINED my request without any specific answer.
How could these sites cheat the customers ? Do any action can be taken against them.
I hope you will consider my complaint and take action against them.

Usha Fan Heater 3112 purchased from Shopclue
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