Utter Wastage of Drinkable Water.

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Dear Sir,

I am Nitin Dwivedi from geeta nagar, kanpur.Sir near my home their is crack in pipe line of nagar nigam due to which a lot of drinkable water is waste. The pipe line is crack and all the water is drained into sewage. There is 2 big leakage in two different places. One is at Shobhan Chauraha, Sharda Nagar and one is near Virendra Swroop School, Sharda Nagar. I have complaint in jal kal bhiwag but no action has been taken for past 2 weeks. Today i talked to Mr. P.C. Batra Ji and he has also given unsatisfactory answer that today their is no one who can see today and from tomorrow their is holiday and we will look after it from monday.

Really sir i am very disappointed by this sort of reply. Sir please as an citizen of kanpur i would like to tell you sir that many people are suffering from no supply of water and here a gallon of water is being drained to sewage. Please sir look after this problem and resolve it.
Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully
Nitin Dwivedi
Geeta Nagar, Kanpur

Utter Wastage of Drinkable Water.
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